36° International Chimney Sweep Meeting

1/4 September 2017

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Welcome to the new portal system of the International Chimneysweeps meeting.

The creation of this system is due to the constantly increasing number of the participants in this event.

We wish to remember you that the enrollment in the parade of Sunday is mandatory and free, and is exclusively meant for professional chimney sweeps.

Once registered you will be able to enter the names of those who will participate with your group in the parade splitted as follows:

You will also be able to download:

Starting from this year 2017 the booking of accommodation in all different facilities has to be made directly by the participants and will no longer be made by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps. Those who already made their reservation through the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, as in the past years, and already received a confirmation must fill out the form for membership and, once received the booking.

After your successful registration in the new portal system, you will get automatically access to the program specifically reserved for chimney sweeps, the registration form and list of contracted accommodation. It is essential that you are staying in one of the reported structures, which support the organization of the International Meeting of the chimney sweep and contribute to the continuation, year after year, of this event.

Upon your arrival in Santa Maria Maggiore we kindly ask you to contact the Chimney Sweeps Museum to get the identification badges for your group.

Fields are mandatory.